The Entertainment:

1. Bobby C Sound TV:


We were so impressed with last year’s performance that we’ve invited Bobby C back to the big house.

Bobby C Sound TV incorporates audio and video into one spectacular performance that your eyes AND your ears won’t forget.


2. Extra Action Marching Band:


There’s never a dull moment with Push IO.

The Extra Action Marching Band is so unique that it’s hard to summarize into a few sentences. So, we’ll let Hiya Swanhuser from SF Weekly do it for us:

“There’s really no need to introduce the Extra Action Marching Band: The Bay Area institution has been crashing parties, invading bars, and blowing minds with its signature “high school marching band on acid” punk-meets-Sousa bombast for years now. The tuba players, flag team, and percussion section take perverse delight in twisting the staid conventions of their respective forms, and it can be downright disorienting to spot a sexy trombone player.”

3. Many More Surprises!

We wouldn’t want to ruin the fun for you, would we?

There’s at least a dozen more surprises we’ve got up our sleeves – just make sure you’re there to see and taste (hint, hint) them at the party.